Your Assembling Tool

DyConcept – the ultimative Tool for the Configuration of PowerTrain and PowerGen

DyConcept is a development Toolkit for the intelligent configuration and evaluation of modular systems. The target group of the application are manufacturers of machine assemblies or compilations that want to save  engineering effort and have already developed modularized or partially standardized products. The engineer can choose from a variety of options and design a perfectly customizable and tailored solution. The result of the packaging is an objective, optimal positioning of the technical components of a system. The variety of the various combinations of the components can be quickly limited by the software. This ensures and unifies the way in the product process and saves a lot of time to the finished product. The technical documentation is automated in the program. The advantages for the planning engineer are the consolidation, conditioning and securing of existing processes and know-how. With its integrated VirtualReality, DyConcept offers a new possibility of product presentation and evaluation during construction.

Your Advantages:

  • Virtual Reality enables an additional cost reduction in product development
  • Cost savings through virtual prototypes
  • Cost reduction by preventing late design changes in the product development process (FMEA)
  • Reduction of production time
  • Improving the economy and efficiency of the Engineering-Workflows
  • Ensuring an optimal design und Engineering
  • Materialsavings
  • bigger learning curve, predictive view of the final series