DyConcept is a Toolkit developed by FAB Bertelmann Technologie.

The Toolkit can be used for the assembly of PowerTrain machines and assemblies of all kinds and allows the user a database-based, effective engineering by means of a dynamic software concept.

Experience Virtual Reality with DyConcept with an example of a turbine siting.

Software application for an intelligent 3D module configuration and model evaluation using Virtual Reality (VR) in the PowerGeneration and PowerTrain

Toolkit functions:

  • Configuration and simulation of a modular product. Ensuring functionality as well as minimizing the effort needed to create a configuration.
  • Software will hedging the feasibility and function while minimizing design effort during the configuration process for all user defined combination of components and product options.
  • ensuring industrialization
  • Analysis on functionality and reliability for any component configuration and product variation.
  • Reworking and conditioning of a product arrangment or/and a product kit.
  • Merging and collecting of geometry- manufacturing- calculation and simulation data.
  • Interfaces and connection to existing data structures, design software and processes.
  • Packaging, conditioning and back up of existing processes and know how.
  • Graphical reworking of the product and its components.
  • Possibility of VR-usage system for presentation, sales, training, purchase e.g.
  • Technical documentation of the whole configuration process, output to CAD, PLM, etc.


  • Improve the economy and increase in efficiency through the use of objectively optimal configuration and design for each products.
  • Validation of the feasibility and function in the early design-and layout process.
  • Modular software structure for simple and user specific customization and extensibility.
  • Hedging of a consistent design-an layout process.
  • The results are efficient designs and highly flexible arrangments.

A project supported by the BMWi and the ESF.


Green Energy DIN14024