The DyConcept platform offers you:

The tools for visualisation of Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Graphical postprocessing of the product and its components
  • AR & VR-Visualisation  as well as output CAD, PLM etc.

An Assembling and Packingtool

  • Assembling and simulation of a modular product.
  • Ensuring the functionality and minimizing the effort required to create a configuration.
  • Minimize the cost of the configuration process by ensuring feasibility and functionality for all custom combinations of components and product options.
  • Ensuring industrialization.
  • Analysis on functionality and reliability for any component configuration and product variation.
  • Reworking and conditioning of a product arrangment or/and a product kit.
  • Merging and collecting of geometry- manufacturing- calculation and simulation data.
  • Interfaces and connection to existing data structures, design software and processes.
  • Packaging, conditioning and back up of existing processes and know how.

Your Tool for automatic technical dokumentation

  • Technical documentation of the whole configuration process, output to CAD, PLM, etc.